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Diet Pills – Sorting Out the Different Types

A person who has been slender and thin all his or her life would surely feel blessed over the individuals who have packed on a few pounds over the years.

These individuals may be maintaining their current physical appearances through the implementation of a balanced diet as well as exercising. This has always been the recommended move for those people suffering from a bit of obesity.

As some people may not realize, obesity is a condition wherein the body undergoes rapid weight gain, which then leads to a host of health problems in the long run, heart attacks included.

A person who is obese would also end up feeling rather low self-esteemed, since he or she cannot wear such attractive clothes, and their appearance leads to a bunch of awful possibilities, such as being teased “Fatty” by people around them.

However, these are struggles that people can simply live without, and they can make it possible through the use of certain dietary supplements which are quite abundant in the market these days.

These pills have practically helped people achieve their goals of becoming thin and slim, and can be found being sold either in health specialty shops or even online.

Since there are so many brands to choose from, one would probably find it difficult to pick which of these pills would prove most suitable to their needs.

With that said, perhaps it would be wise to take into consideration the types of pills that are available.

  1. Thermogenics – These pills are used by athletes and body builders a whole lot, making them the most popular of the bunch. These pills simply work along the concept of thermogenesis, in which the body temperature is raised. What this will lead to is the burning of those fats which have long been a bane in many people’s waist lines. It can successfully help a person lose weight when he or she performs highly intense workouts.
  2. Appetite suppressantsAppetite suppressants – These pills, as their name implies, simply prevent a person from feeling any hunger cravings. It forces an individual who usually indulges in several meals and snacks in a day to lessen their intake of food. It creates the illusion in one’s mind that they are full even with just a few bites of their food. This type of pill can simply help a person lose weight effectively, although the major worry rests on the fact that he or she may be deprived of the essential nutrients found in some foods.
  3. Carb blockers – A lot of people eat foods rich in carbohydrates in order to fuel their bodies with energy whenever they perform physically taxing tasks. However, there is such a thing as eating too much carbohydrates, and this amounts to weight gain over a period of time. When this pill is consumed, an individual can still continue eating carb-rich foods, although there is a limit placed on just how much their body gets to absorb.

These are the three types of diet pills that one can buy in the market.

Breastfeeding and Diet Pills: Not A Healthy Mix

After pregnancy, women generally gain a few pounds, and after a while, they want to shed it off. We mostly want to go back to our former sizes and bodies in order to stay healthy and beautiful.

Going back to our normal exercise routine and eating healthy food helps, but then it might take some time, with our latest heaven-sent responsibility.

You might get impatient, and want to take diet pills. Many advertisements and commercials praise the great effects of diet pills. However you need to think about what they can do – if you are breastfeeding.

BreastfeedingBreastfeeding can really help not just your little angel, but you as well. The milk you produce protects them from infections, and can help reduce the chance of them developing health problems such as diabetes, asthma and obesity later in life.

For you, the chances of having breast or ovarian cancer are lowered and with the contraction of the uterus, your bleeding will stop at a faster rate after delivery.

What Effect Do Diet Pills Have While Breastfeeding?

  • Safety – generally it is considered unsafe to use diet pills if you are breastfeeding. As you very well know, what you eat will mix with your bloodstream and into the milk which your baby takes from you. Whatever active ingredients are in the pills will go straight to your baby.
  • Losing Weight Too Quickly – If you lose more than 1.5lbs a week while you breastfeed is considered unsafe. This is because too rapid burning of fat can release toxins stored inside them and these can enter your milk. Once it does, your baby may risk the chance of getting sick. Also, if you lose weight too rapidly, your milk supply will dry up at a much faster rate.
  • Danger For You – diet pills, particularly fat burners, pose a real threat not just to the baby, but to you as well. For example, phenylpropanolamine, the active ingredient in some diet pills can cause strokes. You don’t want to orphan your child much too soon, do you? Ephedrine, another active ingredient, has caused high blood pressure and seizures. If you have these health problems, then you will definitely be unable to breastfeed your baby.

One equation we must all remember, is energy = breast milk. Women require more energy in order to be able to produce milk.

If you lose weight too quickly, you will not have enough energy to produce milk for your baby, and your milk supply won’t last long because of this.

In order to protect your baby and yourself, don’t take any diet pills while you are breastfeeding. Diet and exercise work better, and nursing frequently can help you lose weight faster.

Breastfeeding exclusively also helps you to lose weight, but don’t overdo the exercise part. As said before, you need the energy in order to produce enough milk every day.

Your baby needs you. So does the rest of your family. Don’t forget that because you want to lose weight.